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Rolex Serial Numbers

All Rolex models that end in 5 or more digits use a number coding that indicates what type of metal was used in the case. The list of metals is shown below. Rolex serial numbers with four digits usually conclude with a slash followed by a number. That last number will also be indicated of the case construction and follow the chart below.

[0] solid steel
[1] solid yellow gold
[2] solid white gold or steel with platinum highlights
[3] two-tone solid steel with yellow gold
[4] two-tone solid steel with white gold
[5] gold plated or 18k red gold
[6] solid 950 platinum
[7] solid 14k yellow gold
[8] solid 18k yellow gold
[9] solid 18k yellow gold

Rolex Serial Dating

Rolexes are often listed as being an "M Serial" or "Z Serial". If you've ever wondered what they meant, or just want a reference for what year that is approximately, you've come to the right place. Here is a list of the year that the letter of the serial corresponds to.

1987-89 - R Serial
1989-90 - L Serial
1990-92 - E Serial
1991-93 - X Serial
1992-93 - N Serial
1992-94 - C Serial
1993-95 - S Serial
1995-97 - W Serial
1996-97 - T Serial
1998-99 - U Serial
2000-01 - A Serial
2001-02 - P Serial
2002 - K Serial
2003-04 - Y Serial
2004-05 - F Serial
2006-07 - D Serial
2007 - Z Serial
2007-08 - M Serial
2008-09 - V Serial